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Born into poverty, given away after birth, placed into foster care, abused, homeless, arrested and told he’d end up dead or in jail; – Travis defied all odds and survived the gauntlet.

Today, he’s helped thousands of individuals overcome their life’s challenges and begin to create the life they desire.

On his quest in search of greatness, Travis uncovered the secrets to exceptional achievement and found what it takes to be happy and fulfilled.

When You Become Determined Not to Lose, That’s When You’ll WIN!

Go Be Great is phenomenal because it gives the reader an insight into my life and the detriment I had to experience. It shows the reader how I overcame my circumstances inspiring them in their situations and circumstances. It empowers the individual, giving them, not only the belief that they can achieve but the tools necessary to help them to do so. It doesn’t just give them the “what,” but, the “how.” Finally, it’s also a workbook!


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In this book, you’ll learn the secrets on how to:

  • Overcome any obstacle
  • Attract what you want in your family life, social life, finances and career.
  • Create the life you want to live
  • Define and achieve your American Dream
  • Turn your nos into yeses, your failures into successes
  • Have abundance in every area of your life!

“When you become determined not to lose, that’s when you’ll WIN!”



Excerpt of Forward by Dr. Stanley J. El

Travis demonstrates the Power of Life in this book. He conveys many of the so-called secrets of mastering worldly existence; all for a higher purpose; a reason to be happy, joyous, prosperous and yet still be a good person.What more can a person ask for? In this book is a story of a hopeless beginning. With the accounts told are keys to giving life fully; with great expectations.

I would never feel at ease if I didn’t urge you to delve into this book with a clear set of eyes; with the inner ears listening to the voice of reason.Once you’re through reading this book ask yourself, “Am I any different from Travis Wolfe?” The honest answer will most likely be, “No.” Then, you can acclaim, “If he can do it, I can.”

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