There was once a time when I, too, didn’t believe in myself. But, I got tired of losing and believing that where I was in my life was where I’d forever be. I wanted more and I owed it to myself to get it! I made a decision to make the decision to act and to do and I became what I desired to become!

When I was told “NO,” you cannot be a police officer by multiple departments, I never accepted their NO. I was determined not to lose. I knew what I wanted in life and nothing was going to stop me from attaining that goal. The same department that told me no, not only hired me 2 years later, but promoted me to Sergeant just 2 years ago.

My mother and father were addicted to crack-cocaine and my father was also addicted to alcohol when I was a child. Because of their addictions and absenteeism, my own family members put my sisters and I into the foster care system. I was abused physically and mentally, raped, starved and beaten while in 4 different foster homes and a group home. My father got me out of a group home in 1996 and in 1999 I ran away from home. I was homeless off and on between 2000 and 2002, kicked out of 6 different homes (family and friends) because I was a habitual rule breaker. I’ve been locked up, robbed, had a gun shoved in my mouth and because of the circumstances and environment I was exposed to, I am NOT SUPPOSED to be here today.

But I am! And now I own WolfeMpowerment Group and it’s my mission to change the world by empowering others to achieve their life’s goals and their desired success.

If a guy like me, with a history like mine can do it… YOU CAN DO IT! Whatever it is you desire to have or to do, YOU CAN!
First, have faith! BELIEVE you can have it, know that it’s yours, then voraciously and insatiably go after it like you’ll die if you don’t.

When you become determined not lose, it becomes impossible not to win!

Go Be Great!

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