Empowering and Inspiring
all to Go Be Great!



Travis Wolfe, Sr. was born October 28, 1983 in the impoverished, drug and crime-ridden section of West Philadelphia known as “The Bottom.” By the age of 11 years old, Travis would experience poverty, homelessness, his father’s addiction to alcohol, domestic violence, both his parents’ addiction to crack cocaine, the foster care system, physical/mental abuse and rape.

After running away when he was fifteen, Travis was homeless by the age of 16. One day, while standing on a street corner in New Jersey, watching drug dealers sell drugs, he decided his only way to get off the streets was to go to college, get an education and make something of himself. Travis attended Temple University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and graduated in 2009 with a B.A. in Criminal Justice.

Today, He’s the owner and president of WolfeMpowerment Group where he’s a peak performance and retention consultant. Travis is also an award-winning international speaker, author, coach and entrepreneur, as well as a US Army veteran, and a retired Philadelphia Police sergeant.

Travis currently lives in Los Angeles, CA with his wife, Diana and their three young children. Diana is an entertainment career coach, helping individuals, especially youth to get started in the entertainment industry and avoid the pitfalls that can stunt the growth of an actor’s career. Their oldest daughter, Aniya is a director and filmmaker and has been making films since she was 13 y/o. Now, 18, she’s already started her second production company, curating and creating purposeful content that inspires. Their son, Travis Jr. is a lead actor on the CBS sitcom ” Bob Hearts Abishola” and is a reoccurring guest star on Disney’s “Raven’s Home.” He’s also been seen in many commercials, movies and on other TV shows like “The Neighborhood” on CBS. Their youngest daughter, Sky, at only six years old, was acting before she could speak. She’s been seen in commercials, on TV and in movies like “The Giver.” Sky is also a dancer, singer and an avid swimmer.

As a Peak Performance and Retention Consultant, Travis garners inspiration from his own life experiences and the life experiences of those who have achieved success, to teach others how to build the character and form the habits that create success. Travis often reminds us to “Go Be Great!” as his mission is to empower and inspire us all to strive for greatness in everything, everywhere, every time!

Born: Travis Tracey Wolfe in Philadelphia, PA.
High School: Haddon Heights High School – Haddon Heights, NJ
Collegiate Career: Temple University 2002-2007; 2008-2009 – B.A. Criminal Justice
Professional Career: Philadelphia Police Dept. 2007-2018. Highest Rank: Sergeant
Married: Diana Cherubin-Wolfe
Children: Aniya, Travis, Jr. and Sky