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Born in poverty, both parents addicted to crack, my father an abusive alcoholic; I was placed in foster care at 8 years old, where I was starved, beaten, raped and molested. A runaway at 15, homeless by 16; “they” told me I’d end up “dead or in jail.”

But as that robber pressed that .45 caliber pistol against my teeth, I realized I had a choice—live the life “they” said I’d have, or create the life I desired! So I developed “The Type of Thinking That Creates Success” — a incomparable systematic way of thinking that fosters unshakable faith, relentless perseverance, unceasing persistence and impenetrable confidence that leads to the actions that lead to success.

That way of thinking has helped me become an Actor, Temple University grad, Army veteran, retired police sergeant, author, speaker, entrepreneur and leader of a successful entertainment industry family. Our teenage daughter—a director, filmmaker and content creator is the owner of her own production company, has given keynote speeches for many organizations including Google, for whom she also directed episodes of a series. Our teenage son is a series regular on the popular CBS sitcom “Bob ❤️ Abishola,” and has a recurring guest star role Disney’s “Raven’s Home.” Even our youngest baby girl has booked a co-star role on a Netflix Series.

Once I developed The Type of Thinking That Creates Success and taught the same to my family, our lives began to change for the best! And today, we’re living the life we’ve always desired to live and we’re happier than we’ve ever been.

That is my offer to you—by teaching you how to develop The Type of Thinking That Creates Success, you, too can create the happiness, success and fulfillment you want in your own life. You, too have a choice—if you believe God and believe in yourself, you can have, do and be anything you desire.

Go Be Great!

Born: Travis Tracey Wolfe in Philadelphia, PA.
High School: Haddon Heights High School – Haddon Heights, NJ
Collegiate Career: Temple University 2002-2007; 2008-2009 – B.A. Criminal Justice
Professional Career: Philadelphia Police Dept. 2007-2018. Highest Rank: Sergeant
Married: Diana Cherubin-Wolfe
Children: Aniya, Travis, Jr. and Sky
Social Media: @traviswolfesr