Dreamers Podcast Interview

Overcoming Obstacles to Achieve Your Goals.

I have overcome odds that appeared to be insurmountable to become successful. Due to that, Joe Pardo had me as a guest on his Dreamers Podcast. He asked me to speak as the expert on overcoming obstacles to achieve your dreams.

Interview Excerpt
I met Travis Wolfe a few months back when I spoke at the Kiddiepreneur Expo. His son, Travis, came up to me to ask questions about my books that I had for sale. He immediately wanted to go get his dad and bring him over because he seen we had a lot in common. Boy was he right! I got to have both Travis Wolfe and his daughter Aniya Wolfe over to my house to record episodes soon after.

In this episode we talk quite in depth about what it is like to be a black cop in America with the current climate of tension going on. You really just have to give it a listen!

See more at: https://superjoepardo.com/travis-wolfe/#sthash.xNUqNDNC.dpuf


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