Show By Doing. Lead By Example.

Came home to this letter my 10 yr old son wrote me.

“Daddy, I’m so proud of you. You make me proud not just with your accomplishments but just the way you set your goals and achieve them. I have been an ungrateful, spoiled boy that keeps being the boy he never was and not in a good way. Congrats on your accomplishment and I love you with all my heart. Keep on being phenomenal. You are truly the real M.V.P.

I just wanted to tell you that I took your advice and have been applying myself in school. I am extremely confident that I will get straight A’s and I will not stop working hard until I reach my highest standards. I even colored something that I DIDN’T HAVE TO COLOR to try to get extra credit and by the way, I am first IN MY CLASS IN A PSSA MATH PROGRAM. Keep on growing and don’t eat or sleep until you do.”

There is nothing like that affirmation that you’re doing the right thing as a parent. Leading by example and empowering the ones who look up to you most and who look to you most for an example. To God be the glory. I am blessed beyond what I deserve and more wealthy than I could ever hope to be. #Humbled and #Proud at the same time. I love you, my son. Thank you for making my day, week, month, life.

Less lip service more action. Go Be Great!

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